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Rosecast Market Timing: Weekly Letter (PDF) + Alerts 

Covers: S&P, Dow Jones, Russell, Nasdaq, Dax, E-Stoxx, FTSE & Nikkei.

Predictions for each and every day of the week - with timing indications for hourly bars

Consistently serving members since May 2002, Rosecast Market Timing (RMT) informs you about the following:

1) Long-term and short-term trend with precise turning points signalled weeks in advance + Timer Digest Signals!
2) Astrological prediction of days of the week (UP, DOWN) and prediction of change in trends + Trade of Week!
3) Major price targets and support and resistance levels based on strict studies of planetary alignments + Aspect of Week with Price!

+ Profiting with the change of trend - Alerts emailed during the week 

Rosecast Market Signals

Covers: FOREX (Pound, Yen, Euro and USD-Index)
BONDS (TY, US, 30y/10y Yields, TLT), GOLD (XAUUSD, GL, GLD),
OIL (CL, USO) and ES (S&P 500) Futures

$ 377 USD MONTHLY + Alerts sent during the week, not updated daily, but whenever we give specific signals. Average number of updates is two per week. We predict certain wide-ranging days often several days in advance.

1) Long-term and short-term trend predictions with precise time and price based entries and exits (time-based stops)
2) Prediction of  days with a large up-down potential among various asset classes (enter/exit on market close before/after predicted day)
3) Price targets and support & resistance levels are based on strict studies of planetary geometry.

Rosecast Market Signals & Market Timing

Covers all of ROSECAST Weekly Letters, Signals & Alerts 

Highy Recommended for Portfolio Managers & Active Traders


+ 2016 Annual Forecast with your New Order!


Your host and editor of Rosecast newletters (Rosecast Market Timing and Rosecast Market Signals) is Mark Rose.

Mark Rose has been researching planetary alignments since 1995, using custom-designed financial astrology software he began coding since 2005. His newsletter Rosecast – founded May 21st, 2002 - has been ranked several times as top market timing service by Timer Digest and was favorably featured in Forbes. Moving Stars Four Elements - probably the best financial astrology software worldwide - and exclusively available to mentored students of  Rosecast  is now in its 11th year of on-going development. Since 2010 Markus has published an Annual Forecast Book that has called many of the most significant stock market turns one year in advance. Rosecast Market Signals was redesigned in April of 2016 in order to better communicate the outstanding performance of our market calls to prospective clients & traders

 Rosecast Disclaimer:

All of our reports offered including Rosecast Market Timing and Rosecast Market Signals are entirely based on the art and science of astrology and other creative pursuits. The purpose of an art is to entertain people, but not to provide financial advice. Our reports are entertaining and informative. Some of our professional members use the information from our reports alongside the professional research they are engaging in. This professional research usually is focused heavily on fundamental and technical analysis and the science of economics. Our reports do not cover neither of these fields as they are solely centered on the science & art of astrology, the art of numbers and the art of symbols. Our reports should not be used and construed as a solicitation to buy or sell any financial instruments whatsoever. Non-professional members to our reports and using our websites must always consult with their licensed financial planner before buying or selling any financial instruments. Any past performance we provide is hypothetical and is no guarantee of similar results in future.